Bee Pollen

Fresh bee pollen is one of the newer items we only really began to produce and offer due to high demand in 2013. We consider it to be one of the tastiest, though unusual products of the hive. This is a slightly sweet, often floral or fruity-flavored treat that just melts in your mouth.  Pollen is also one of the most concentrated sources of protein, which makes it a great addition to any athlete’s diet, and some use it to help desensitize their bodies to seasonal allergies. Our pollen is collected daily when in season, and is immediately frozen to ensure maximum retention of flavor and potency as a supplement for seasonal allergens (dried pollen loses 80% of potency), and avoid the possibility of contamination of mold/mildew due to its high moisture content. The color of pollen changes daily from bright yellows and oranges to reds, whites, blues, grays, greens, and even black depending on the type of flowers the bees are visiting. We hope you enjoy this tasty treat as much as we do! PLEASE BE AWARE: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. IF YOU ARE SEVERELY ALLERGIC TO PLANT POLLENS, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU EAT THIS AS IT MAY BRING ON AN ALLERGIC ATTACK.