New This Year

There are so many options of items to make from the hive that the next question is never ‘what can we make next?’ but rather ‘what do we have the time to make next?!’

In 2018, we will be offering 2oz honey bears in both our local wildflower and blueberry blossom varietals. These bears should offer a great alternative for those customers of ours whom are limited to 3oz liquids during flight travel or for the everyday use in coffee & tea as they are small enough to keep in a purse.

Also, we have begun to offer larger size comb honey sections known as Hogg Halfs which weight 12-14oz apiece vs. the standard Ross Round combs of 8-10oz.

The new candles for 2018 that we are offering are the 3″ Owl, Diamond Cube, and Floating Rose.