Beeswax Candles

What’s not to like in a candle made of beeswax? At first glance, they may seem more expensive, but we promise they have a MUCH better value! Our 100% beeswax candles with pure cotton wicks have five times the burn time of all petroleum-based candles and three times the burn time of soy candles. Unlike petroleum candles, they do not add chemical-laden sooty smoke (which can cause allergies) to the air and they actually clean the air they are burned in.  All of our candles are made of golden yellow capping wax and have a natural light honey scent. At this time, we do not add any dyes or scents to our candles.

Retail pricing is as follows and is based on the amount of beeswax in each candle:

1oz. Beeswax Bars (not a candle): $1.00

Floating Holly: $3.00

Turtle: $3.00

Small pinecone: $3.00

Floating Snowflake: $4.00

Floating Star: $4.00

Floating Rose: $4.00

Floating Bee on Flower: $4.00

Floating Maple Leaf: $4.00

Floating Elm Leaf: $4.00

Angel: $4.00

Sparrow: $4.00

Bear & Skep: $4.00

Diamond Cube: $4.00

Lighthouse: $4.00

Morel Mushroom: $5.00

3″ Owl: $5.00

Old Man Winter (Santa): $5.00

Frog: $6.00

2Pk (15hr) Votive: $6.00

Bee Cube: $6.00

2pk. 7.5″ Spiral Taper: $7.00

2pk. 8″ Colonial Taper: $7.00

Snowflake Ball: $8.00

Christmas/Spruce Tree: $11.00

Flying Bee Cylinder (2.75″ x 2.75″): $11.00

4pk. Votive (15hrs Each): $15.00

12Pk (3hrs Each) Tealights: $15.00

Fern Ball: $13.00

Round Ball: $14.00

Honeycomb Pillar: $14.00

Carved Pillar: $14.00

Hexagonal Pillar: $15.00

Lg. Pumpkin: $17.00

Lg. Pinecone: $18.00

Wilderness Pillar (deer & bear images on opposing sides of a log): $17.00

Fern-wrapped Cylinder: $20.00

Large Snowflake Cylinder: $22.00

Round Pillars:
3X3″ ($12.00),
3X4″ ($15.00),
3X5″ ($18.00),
3X6″ ($21.00),
3X8.5″ ($32.00)

1# Beeswax Bars (not a candle): $14.00