Swarm Removal

Honeybee swarm removals are services we provide for free after evaluationĀ  on a case-by-case basis. Most swarms are easily removable, and these will hang out on tree branches, lamp posts, even the ground. However, some swarms are VERY difficult to guarantee removal on such as those located over 40 ft. up in a tree or those that have over-wintered in a building.

*For swarms that have over-wintered or are contained in a building (beekeepers refer to these as cut-outs), PLEASE contact a licensed pest service for removal. This is due to the liability that goes with these kind of infestations and the possibility of old comb left in the walls even after the bees have been removed that will attract other pests including but not limited to further honeybee swarms, cockroaches, ants, etc. We are not licensed building contractors and would not be able to repair any damage that would likely be done in removing portions of the building to get the honeybees and their comb out, and honeybee survival from cut-outs is exceptionally low to begin with!

For those swarms that we do remove (the vast majority of cases), we will come to the swarm during the day with a hive body (boxes), put the bees in the hive body, and come back to remove the bees after nightfall when they have retired to the hive body. If we are unable to come get a swarm, we will do our best to put you in contact with another beekeeper that can. Please remember that:

  • Swarms are a natural way for honeybees to reproduce and find new territory
  • Honeybees are usually quite docile when they swarm as they are not defending a hive at this time
  • Swarm removal will not always guarantee that honeybees will not return in a swarm again

Do not kill swarms unless there is no other choice, these are valuable pollinators for a healthy ecosystem and for many varieties of foods that you eat!

For swarm removal, please e-mail us at beekeeper@lakeeffectapiaries.com, call Adam: 231-301-1057, or Katie: 231-923-3725, or send us a message across our business Facebook page. We will contact you as soon as we can.