Raw Honey

Our raw honey is delicious on/in almost everything including toast, granola, yogurt, ice cream, tea, baked goods, smoothies…..you name the item you use sugar in and you can most definitely replace it with our liquid gold!!!  We offer a wide variety of different sized glass and plastic containers to fit your needs; whether to package as a gift or to use as bulk!

Retail pricing is as follows:

2oz Bear: $2.00

8oz Glass: $5.00

8oz. Old-Fashioned 1800s Style Muth: $6.00

1lb. Old-Fashioned 1800s Style Muth: $10.00


12oz. Plastic Bear: $6.00

1lb. Squeeze w/ Honeycomb Design

Wildflower: $8.00

Blueberry Blossom: $9.00

Buckwheat: $10.00

1lb. Glass

Wildflower: $8.00

Blueberry Blossom: $9.00

Buckwheat: $10.00

2lb. Squeeze: $14.00

2lb Glass: $14.00

4lb. Glass: $30.00

Half-gallon (6lbs.): $35.00

<p>1-GALLON Glass Jar  (12lbs.): $60.00</p>
<p>4-GALLON Plastic Bucket (45lbs.): $180.00</p>

1-GALLON Glass Jar  (12lbs.): $60.00

4-GALLON Plastic Bucket (45lbs.): $180.00